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Badges & Labels with PHP Bootstrap Template!

Use these samples to create inline labels and badges. Using these labels and badges are great for indicating important information on your website.

This is a standard Badge button.

    <p>This is a standard <span class="badge badge-default">Badge</span> button.</p>

Use badges to inform events

<a href="#">Visitors <span class="badge">25</span></a><br>
<a href="#">Page Views <span class="badge">116</span></a><br>
<a href="#">Orders To Date <span class="badge">2</span></a> 

Information Labels

Default Label Primary Label Success Label Info Label Warning Label Danger Label

<span class="label label-default">Default Label</span>
<span class="label label-primary">Primary Label</span>
<span class="label label-success">Success Label</span>
<span class="label label-info">Info Label</span>
<span class="label label-warning">Warning Label</span>
<span class="label label-danger">Danger Label</span> 

Various Sizes

Example New

Example New

Example New

Example New

Example New
Example New

<h1>Example <span class="label label-default">New</span></h1>
<h2>Example <span class="label label-primary">New</span></h2>
<h3>Example <span class="label label-success">New</span></h3>
<h4>Example <span class="label label-info">New</span></h4>
<h5>Example <span class="label label-warning">New</span></h5>
<h6>Example <span class="label label-danger">New</span></h6> 

Add A Badge

 <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary">Primary <span class="badge">7</span></button> 

Navigation with Badges

    <ul class="nav nav-pills">
        <li><a href="#">Profile</a></li>
        <li class="active"><a href="#">Users <span class="badge">24</span></a></li>
        <li><a href="#">Contacts  <span class="badge">5</span></a></li>