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Web Design Tips for Beginners / Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started

Web Developers are much needed in almost every industry.1 The need for and the scope of web developers are rapidly growing as we become more and more digital dependent. We’ve got a few good tips for you if you’re inclined to the profession.

The basics of coding and coding languages like HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and the like, are most important and if you’d like to brush up on it, there are a bunch of courses you could learn from, online:

Once you’ve got the coding basics down, it’s mostly about streamlining processes & following some best practices to get the best results. Here’s how:

1) Have a Goal: It’s a good idea to know what you want your end result to be and a deadline to finish this. This helps you work towards it with a clearer picture rather than get carried away with too many ideas.

If you haven’t started your very first project but are looking to, start by helping out a friend build a website or look for an app that the market needs. Whatever you’re developing for, make sure you have a goal right from the start.

2) Do Your Research: Read articles, web development blogs, look up the codes of the best websites, contact developers from around the world. Don’t ever let the research stop. There’s also no harm in borrowing codes, widgets, videos, parallax images for your project. It’s a good opportunity to learn new things & test your skills.

  • Make use of code snippets from
  • Get connected to a community of web developers on
  • Pinterest could be a good place to find some inspiration

3) Work on Your Design Skills: I’ve spoken to a bunch of developers about how they’ve evolved as professionals and almost all told me it wasn’t sufficient being a developer alone. The profession is always best coupled with designing.

Learning how to design not only gives you a competitive advantage, you’re also probably the best person to know which design best fits your code to “show off” the most interesting aspects of your code.

Learn web designing online at:

4) Work on a Programming-Friendly Text Editor: This is a must for every web developer. Notepad++, Sublime or Eclipse are useful tools to use.

5) Know how to deal with Clients: Clients can be very demanding & most often, unsure of what they want themselves. You as a developer can offer suggestions or advice based on the brief you receive. If you must say “no” at times, don’t be bashful. You are the only person who knows if an idea is to outlandish to execute within a deadline but while you do this, be sure to show passion and not ego. Be realistic of what and how much can be achieved & show your genuine passion for your profession in your work.

6) Consider the Validity of Your Code: A code to sustain your work today might be easy to create but a simple code that your successors can work with is the challenging part. Make sure your code has the validity to sustain in the near future.

If you’re considering web development as a profession, we encourage you to do so with these tips in mind. 1


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